E-Service List

Tourism Information Portal

Featuring tourism destinations in the country, as well as tips when traveling in the country.

Enhanced Online Accreditation System

The DOT Online Accreditation System is a web based system designed to facilitate the online processing of the complete DOT accreditation cycle. It also includes an online forum.


The Client Profile Registration System (CPRS) facilitates the process of capturing client information during the accreditation and/or registration of the various BOC stakeholders

BOC e-Customs System

The BOC e-Customs Project will streamline imports and exports processing and improve trade facilitation among BOC, other government agencies and its stakeholders anywhere, anytime


The Payment Application System involves both cash and non-cash payments and the application of these payments to the duties, taxes and fees payable. The processes are primarily based on the Business Process Design document of the Banker’s Association of the Philippines and information gathered during several discussions with the primary business process experts of the BOC and BAP


The Imports and Assessment System (IAS) is a set of application components that handles the flow of import processing which includes electronic manifest clearance, import declaration entry, risk assessment, regulatory clearances and release of cargo

Travel Clearance for Minor

A travel clearance is a document issued by the DSWD to a Filipino child (below 18 years of age) traveling abroad alone or with someone other than his/her parents.