E-Service List

Driver's License

This service allows you to apply for a first-time driver's license or renewal.

NBI Clearance

This service allows you to apply for your NBI Clearance online, anytime, anywhere. NBI Clearance proves that you are cleared from any liability, case, offense, crime or bad record covered by NBI. Schedule your personal appearance now.

CNC Online (EMB Certificate of Non-Coverage)

EMB Certificate of Non-Coverage (CNC) Online Application System is an online screening module for Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) Requirement Coverage. With this online facility, you may verify the coverage of your project, submit and track your CNC application.

ECC Online

EMB Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) Online Application System allows you to verify the coverage of your project and submit ECC application. You may also monitor the status of your ECC application.

CMR Online

Compliance Monitoring System (CMR) enables users to submit quarterly reports seamlessly.

HMS Online

Hazwaste Manifest System (HMS) tracks hazardous waste transport from source to the disposal/treatment center. It includes HW Generator Registration, Transporter Registration, TSD Registration and HMS Online.

ELR Online

It is an online facility for the application and issuance of Environmental Laboratory Recognition (ELR).

COC Online

This online service allows for a convenient and transparent process in acquiring documents from the EMB. With COC Online, EMB may now issue Certificate of Conformity (COC) to new vehicles which certifies a vehicle’s compliance with existing emission standards.

PCB Online

The online PCB database facilitates inventory tracking as well as inventory updating of PCB and PCB-containing equipment in the country. Ultimately, the online database will reinforce the implementation of DENR Administrative Order No. 2004-01 - Chemical Order for PCB - by tracking the status/condition of PCB-containing equipment and PCB wastes in the country.

PCL Online

The Philippine Priority Chemicals List (PCL) is a list of existing and new chemicals that DENR-EMB has determined to a potentially pose unreasonable risk to public health, workplace, and the environment.

PMPIN Online

Pre-Manufacturing And Pre-Importation Notification (PMPIN) ensures that new chemicals that would pose an unreasonable risk to human health and the new environment either be denied to be manufactured or imported into the country, or be placed under control and restriction to limit potential releases.

Police Clearance

This service allows you to apply for police clearance online. Police Clearance certifies that you cleared from any bad record in the police department or PNP station and its affiliates.

Business Permit Licensing System

BPLS allows for the registering and renewing of business and licenses with LGUs. It also allows the user to view his dues and payments.