E-Service List

Online Request of Assistance

This service allows user to request for addistance, advice, information.

Online Filing of Complaint

This service allows for preliminary filing of complaint. Complainant/s musts till go to the Ombudsman for confirmation and submission of evidence.

Online Filing of Clearance

This service allows for the application or request for issuance of Ombudsman Clearance. This is for purposes of retirement/resignation/separation from the office. It only caters to applications filed individually and do not accept bulk applications.

DOTC Online Complaint Form

This service enables users to send in their complaints

Electronic Route Application

"Note: The applications are limited to the following: 1. Tourist Car, Bus, AUV, and Jeepney Transport Services 2. Vehicles propelled by engine using alternative fuels such as LPG and CNG; electric/hybrid vehicles 3. Vehicles for Hire 4. School Services"