About the National Government Portal

The National Government Portal (NGP) is envisioned as a one-stop gateway uniting all web-based government content to maximize efficiency and provide rapid, high-quality service to citizens. The single website factor effectively reduces costs as opposed to maintaining multiple systems. For citizens, business or government users, this means access to a reliable government online services and information.

The NGP's design allows Government-to-Government (G2G), Government-to-Citizen (G2C), Government-to-Business (G2B) services, and vice-versa to occur all in one venue. As an added value, the NGP will also help unify the Philippine Government under a singular online identity.

The NGP is based on the requirements set by the DICT's (formerly, ICTO) E-Government Master Plan (EGMP). The DICT is mandated by law (Republic Act 10844) to harmonize all national ICT plans and initiatives including the NGP.

Why build a National Government Portal?

For Citizens

  • The NGP reduces the number of physical visits required in government transactions, hence it will promote greater access to services. This makes things more convenient for the citizen. Paper-based document generation and processing time will also be reduced.
  • Aside from transactions, the NGP also serves as an access point for government data. This brings important government information tocitizens' fingertips.
  • Allows citizens to customise their web page to display the theme and information and services they want to access using any device, mobileor desktop at any time.

The Government

  • The NGP reduces government expenses by cutting down on the operation and maintenance costs incurred when managing multiple websites and systems.
  • Through the NGP, government agencies can access the government common platform, where applications and databases will interoperate to enable data sharing.
  • The NGP also aims to propagate a uniform government look and feel while harmonizing work processes, increasing government transparency.

For Business

  • The NGP is a single source where business users can access information, online forms, applications, and other government requirements they may need for their day to day operations.
  • The NGP hosts the integrated government service center, making it easier for businesses to get government assistance on issues.

What will the NGP Achieve?

  • Happier and more satisfied citizens and other users of online services;
  • Continued improvement in our international eGovernment ranking;
  • It will make resource and information aggregation easier and more economical since the government will only spend for one platform
  • With a dedicated development and operations team, government online forms can trigger faster transactions, processing, and services
  • By design, it will address government efficiency (G2G) and government-consumer communication (G2C/C2G, G2B/B2G) issues.